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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Beautiful Washington

I know I used this same picture for my last post on MVIS Blog but it's just so spectacular I had to put it here as well. It's the first hit on Google images for 'Sammamish Plateau' which is my new area of residence. On a clear day, you can see dozens of snow-capped mountains, and the hills all around are lush and green. Even when it's cloudy there's an otherworldly quality to it...folks back in Cali know about the incredible drive up 280, where the nature preserve is on the west -- the way the coastal fog can just kind of settle in over those trees and just how breathtaking that is.

There's similar things like that up here, where the clouds seem to linger over the hillsides and it just fills your heart with awe. Yesterday I drove in to Seattle after work and it really put a smile on my face -- there are a series of tunnels on the way there and there's all these trees on the tops of them -- then you come out of the tunnel and you're right on a bridge going across Lake Washington with the city out in front of you, the massive lake spreading out underneath you and it's just righteous. Makes you feel like you're flying more than driving.

All this is to say that I'm liking it up here and will like it a lot more once I get my family up here with me in a few more days. But it is great to have that feeling of satisfaction about something as big as a 900 mile move after working so hard to make it happen.

I'm starting to get my creative mind going again and think I might be due for another album's worth of material. It's always hard for me because I have a whole lot of songs that I wrote several years ago that have never got a proper recording. So I always want to go back and revisit those songs and capture them. But as time passes, I find that I'm more interested in writing new stuff and that I'm just not the same guy who wrote those old songs -- I certainly don't feel the same ways I used to feel.

Being a dad and a husband and just aging and moving through life changes your perspective and as a result, it makes it harder to go back to some of those old songs and all the memories they conjure. So, they may just be relegated to the memories of those folks who've seen me play them in Harvard Square back 10 years ago or more.

But hopefully the new stuff I write will be even better than those old songs that are fading behind in the rear view mirror of life. Certainly, it's not going to be about robots and simulations and the year 2099. It's time to put all that in the rear view mirror too. It's time to write stuff that goes to the heart of the present moment and not so much prognostication and sooth saying.

So we'll see what I can come up with!


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