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Sunday, April 24, 2005

New Neural Substrate Lyrics

1. memories will disappear

one more time, speak your mind
one more time, speak your mind

noises drown it out, things that I find out
memories will disappear, I forget when you are near

one more time, flying blind
one more time, flying blind

noises drown it out, things that I find out
memories will disappear, I forget when you are near
noises drown it out, move to let sound out
memories will disappear, free you from your fear

one more time, speak your mind
one more time, flying blind

2. through the ceiling

I know you want to give up, and slide down
and anchors around your heart pull you underground
I know you want to run away and hide
from everything that you see on the inside

I know you can freeze in the daylight
I know you can burn in the pitch night
I know you can rise through the ceiling
there's no way to hide from the feeling

I know how it feels to be vaporized
disappearing into the sunlight
I know when you come to a dead stop
and you can't fall no more til the bottom drops

even though you'll never be the same
you gotta see it through to the end
even though it's impossible now
you gotta find a way to transcend

3. elevations

the stars appear every night in the sky
all is well
don't believe what you are thinking
or hearing and feeling
time will tell
and even though the machinations
of this world still hold you
in their grip
the faith to find a meaning,
a meaning in this life
can never slip

like a shot from a cannon
the new world is here
built upon transformations
perched upon elevations
with calm or with panic
it's time to meet my new life
on the edge of a precipice
staring down endless bliss

even though your heart is filled
with every fear, uncertainty and doubt
don't give in
everything depends upon your will
the will to rise above
the dizzy spin
the time has come to recognize
the dreams and hopes behind your eyes
are all you need
everything is falling into place
just realize this moment's grace
and you'll be freed

when I no longer feel like a single one
everything that's promised will become
when I'm not bound as a single mind
I can't imagine what we're going to find

4. don't resist the change

don't be scared of the world, it's ok
even though everything's bigger than it used to be
drifting so much farther in a spiral sleep
diving so much faster through the time we keep

don't be worried anymore, it's alright
even though you're so much bigger than you thought you'd ever be
standing behind the waterfall
crashing forward throughout it all

I don't remember what it felt like
before I took this form
but there's no way back
to how it was when we were born

don't resist the change, to be redefined
is the only thing we've known since we started time
you know that it's alright to be overcome
by everything that's past and all there is to come

5. engines of creation

in the realm of pure mind, a dream can span forever
and spirits are set free to meet the world untethered

in a galaxy of pure thought there's nothing more to explain
as we instantly discover whatever mysteries remain

engines of creation spinning fast
spawning life from nothingness at last
engines of creation spanning minds
arcing over distant starry skies

in a river of pure soul with every memory intact
we let the current run forever without a way to travel back

in a vision of pure love, with every sense excited
we're drifting high up off the ground as engines are igniting

when gears connect in an interlocking system
and rotors spin in accelerating motion
the air vibrates with magnetic attraction

6. swarm

in a world where the breeze
is just a sub-routine
embedded in the simulator coil
and every beam of light
is encoding turmoil

from the ground up
beyond the stars
as the entity moves out
in an endless swarm

if everything exists as ones and zeros
electrical and phosphorescent charge
life becomes the random switch
between two states of being switched

our perception of the world
is all that's rendered
to free up time
to simulate new galaxies

but I don't believe that anything
could be more real than this life seems to be
in a seamless simulation of the world that I perceive to be
in a dreamless emulation of a parallel reality

7. combine minds

do you want to combine minds
so I can be with you
whenever I feel unsure
about the right thing to do
and when I can't remember the dream I had last night
you would be there to remind me

do you think you should join me
and face the world with synergy
do you think we can find a place
an empty moment in time and space

I want us to merge senses
and share our vision of this world
whenever I'm disbelieving
that what I'm seeing is true
and when I can not fathom the endless depths of this life
you would be there to rewind me

do you think we can leave behind
feeling alone in our own minds
in you my solace will always be
each waking moment of history

do you want to combine minds
do you want to combine minds

8. photonic dreams

no one could ever have guessed
the degree to which we've been blessed
no one could ever have seen
where we're going after where we've been
the only way to save the human race
is abandoning our substrate
the only way to change a hopeless fate
is to send it up and don't wait

photonic dreams on hypersonic beams
the very air explodes with energy
catapult into eternity
over endless wire, static mounting higher
I throw myself into the entity
man, machine, eternal synergy

living life along the lines
a life without the confines
of gravity, of space and time
and the world that we left behind
but echoes in my mind are feeding back
and they're telling me to come back
just to feel the sand beneath my feet
and the cooridors of dark streets
just to feel the salt upon the wind
a life that ends and begins

9. wind shadow

wind shadows form in front of me
everything I see is disappearing rapidly
like a dream saturated with light and sound
the air's colliding with the ground

who created this world for me?
like someone's read my every memory
as waves crash and winds fall
I see your face and remember it all

wind shadows fade away at pace
and leave me with the vision of your face
is it really you or just a hologram
is anything real beyond what I think I am?

when we decided to be transformed
I didn't know we would be reborn
but everything we've been is coming back to me
can I tell you what has happened to me?

I remember going under the anesthetic
I remember the voices of the holomedics
as the layers of my mind were peeled back
I remember awakening in a new place
where nothing seemed to occupy any space
and the sunlight that I could not feel at all

10. woven

woven into fabric
a million grains of static
like a dream you can't remember
that troubles you forever
beams of light and endless pathways
parallel and growing sideways
stacked up on each other
identical to one another
take the path of least resistance
retrace your steps
repeat, persistence
calculate the image
imitate the knowledge
of a billion years of evolution
thought control and mind pollution
carried on a current that's the soul of all the world

I will be born into the superior form
and pass through time beyond the dividing line

11. escape velocity

beyond the body I'm gathering heat
beyond the sunlight at frontiers of speed
at the edge of existence, at the center of my soul
pulses and heartbeats can't exert their control

everything's coming together

beyond the boundaries that I've known for so long
past every apex to where the time has gone
in a moment of true vision, in the waking of new life
to feel the endless power sending chaos into flight

everything's coming together

I'm gathering heat in flight
I'm gathering speed and light
in disbelief of what I can see, I reach escape velocity

at the center of a whirlpool, an ocean of crushing force
to feel the quickening rotation and the pressure at the water's source
in a moment of elation, in an epoch of endless joy
to know that time will have no meaning
beyond the past that's been destroyed

everything's coming together

12. only the earth

swimming in a sea of thoughts, I am one and many
dreaming in a sleepless night, seeking sanctuary
the power of a thousand suns
keeps the dream in motion
the vision of a billion minds
like rivers returning to the ocean
and memories still burning with emotion
that never fade

don't forget that we haven't escaped yet
from the legacy of humankind
don't forget that we haven't escaped yet
it's only the earth that we leave behind

the pressure of a trillion strings keeps our thoughts together
the order of the universe, nothing lasts forever
falling through a sea of night, I have no connections
the purest form of energy
is bursting out in all directions
following nobody's intentions
in an endless wave

don't forget that we haven't escaped yet
from the visions that still haunt our mind
don't forget that we haven't escaped yet
it's only the earth that we leave behind

it's only the earth that we leave behind
memories don't fade away in time
everything I wish I could forget
reminds me that we haven't escaped yet


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