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Sunday, April 24, 2005

New Neural Substrate Reviews

Want to review my album? Here are some of the first folks to write in or otherwise communicate their thoughts:

YtseRob2112: Excellent album my friend! Very damned good! Really liking "Only the Earth" and "Woven"

ThreeEyes: I've listened to every song and right off the bat Engines of Creation stands as my favorite. This is a kick ass song, dude. Great dynamic and cohesive arrangement; guitars are kicking serious ass (couldn't agree more about the massiveness of the guitars when they come in during the break); tight instrumentation. Great job!

Martian: I have it on my iPod, great so far!!! Great music, great lyrics. I would pay for this!

JaiRush: I really like Photonic dreams, Don't resist... and Elevations. The guitar tones are really nice: love the layering and crunch. You've done well!!!

DaveG: I really like it - love your guitar sounds, especially those great arpeggiated clean lines. I was reading your blog entry in which you were describing the overall concept of the album and I'm really intrigued by it.

Jack: Nice tracks. I've listened to most of them and was very impressed.


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