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Monday, May 09, 2005

Ben Averch Archives

I'm happy to present a 17 song collection of many of my recordings from the last several years. "Ben Averch Archives" includes songs that I wrote over ten years ago, which is hard to believe.

It's kind of wild to go back in time and listen to all these older songs, and in particular, the songs that I co-wrote with my brother Mike. It's evident to me that we left a lot of great music on the table by not spending more time working together over the last few years. Anyway, here are the songs:

Ben Averch: Archives (mp3s)
  • 1. Something to Revolve Around

  • 2. What Happened to Jill and Wesker?

  • 3. The Noise of You

  • 4. Ray Wave

  • 5. On/Off

  • 6. Sunspots

  • 7. Bioinformatic

  • 8. Fortune Cookie

  • 9. Captive 8

  • 10. Buried Treasure

  • 11. Memory Man

  • 12. The Emperor

  • 13. Former Master

  • 14. Gap of Tragedy

  • 15. Joint Strike

  • 16. Never Repaid

  • 17. Sink Like a Stone

  • Bonus Single (mp3)
  • 1. Awaken

  • Produced and recorded by Ben Averch.
    Music and lyrics by Ben Averch except 'Jill and Wesker', 'Ray Wave', 'Sunspots', 'Bioinformatic', 'Captive 8', 'Memory Man', 'Gap of Tragedy', 'Joint Strike', music by Mike and Ben Averch. Songs co-written with Mike feature Mike on guitar, additional guitars by Ben.
    Guitars, bass, drums, vocals by Ben Averch except 'Sunspots', bass by Matt Olken.
    Lyrics to 'Buried Treasure' by Joel Dunn.


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