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Monday, May 16, 2005

License Plates

Nothing makes me happier than successfully clearing the hurdles of government beaurecracy. Today I got new WA plates for the J. Just one more car to go before I will officially be a WA resident. The prospect of a $330 fine was hanging over me as I drove around in my CA plates, hoping not to get noticed by the man.

It's the little things in life like being square with the state government that really lifts that weight off my shoulders.

Note: that's not my license plate number!


Blogger joeloke22 said...

say, i did'nt know u had a blog. if i woulda' known, i probably woulda' been bloggin' here a long time ago. i've also had a blog 4 about the past 3 months. dunno exactly why i became a blogger, guess i thought it'd be somethin' to do in my spare time. anyways yur probably wonderin' who i am. i'm joeloke22 from the SWD & Toshack forums. i saw the link to yr mp3's from "your music..." thread and thought i might listen on in. i have'nt quite heard all yr songs, but will let u know what i think in the end. so far i've only heard like the first seven songs and i think "engines of creation" is by far the best i've heard yet. well, guess i'll be hearin' from u in the SWD forums then. good luck with yur new place in washington!


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