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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Bad Poetry

One hopes that using a blog as a way to brainstorm lyrics isn't a regrettable decision...but at the very least it's helped me actually get started on the project, which always is the hardest part. I think I'm focused on this idea of 'states' -- temporary ways in which our different aspects manifest themselves. But this is still kind of abstract and doesn't achieve what I'm setting out to do, which is a total re-think of the kind of lyrical approach I took on 'Substrate' -- big, abstract themes that don't really mean much to regular people living normal lives. Just sort of science and progress obsessed technophiles like, well, me.

So I'll keep at it here and hopefully some of these verses may end up being usable. It used to be that I would start with the song title and everything kind of flowed from there. So maybe that will help.

waking up is the hardest part

I'm not disciplined
I get by with natural ability
I can't focus
I just slide through my day

my thoughts never coalesce
they just scatter on the wind like dust
they don't seem to amount to much
but maybe it's unfair to expect such

there are brilliant people in the world
I wish that I were one of them
the kind of people who know what it takes
to elevate above the rest of us

if I can see the future
well it's just a lucky guess
an informed opinion
more likely a prayer at best

keep putting it out into the world
in the hope that it means something
with a wish that the sum of my dreams
might be more than the whole that it seems to be


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