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Friday, June 10, 2005

There's No Such Thing as Time

there's no such thing as a moment in time
it's an illusion
it's a continuum
that's never captured
that's never measured

there's only catapulting forward through life
it's all we can do
it's what we can hope for
we're never alone
we're always connected

every day that we're alive
we're overlaying what's real
all just to help us deal
with a world that's beyond our comprehension

I never could believe
that we were any different than any other being
every effort to delineate
or try to show our specialness has failed

there's no such thing as time
there's no such thing as awareness
there's only bouncing around the boxes
that we frame our lives in
there's just reflections of our true selves
that we hope to catch to catch glimpses of
when we are lucid and free
and not trying too hard to be who we're supposed to be


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