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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Washington State

I thought I'd use this blog as a sort of handy dandy notebook to collect my ideas for lyrics to the forthcoming album to be written and recorded that I've decided to call 'Washington State'. For my last album I used a pen and paper and just wrote like hell. Not all of it was very good. Not all of this is very good. But, it's something to use this blog for and I don't think that many folks are coming by anyway (Hi, Matt!) so I won't be embarassing myself too much!

So here we go:

wide awake under the cloud cover
I'm standing still under the misty rain
as hills erupt in all directions
I just want to see you again

lingering over the hillside
like a blanket pulled up by the trees
in rapture by moisture I breathe it in
I can't think of anywhere else to be

in the chaos of time that's strung together
without a pause to beat it back
somewhere there's a silent moment
in my mind's whirl and my heart's attack

burning through the cloud cover
here comes the mighty sun
to bathe us all in rays of hope for change
to bring about what is to come

wrapped around my heart like a mummy's dressing
stolen away by a phantom fear
I know that you are near me even now
when everything I've known just disappeared

standing alone, looking down
at everything that the world is
the crush of cars and roads and buildings
that make you want to fly away somewhere

but you can't fly in the daytime
and you can't hope to know your dreams
so you focus on the future
as the present slips through seams

in the moment now I can almost see you
in the moment now I can almost hear your voice
and everything we used to say to each other
that only you or I could remember

reaching for that state of consciousness
reaching for that dream of mindfulness
am I watching where I'm going too closely
to see where I'm ending up
when the dream ends
and you're up with the sun again
and the rain falls
and you can already see the future

you need to be near me
for me to compete
cos I can't find any reasons
or missing fractions to complete
and I need to be with you
or else I'm never going to find
all the dreams that I've been hoping for
behind my tired eyes

under the softly falling rain
repeat the sequences again
as its intensity increases
and its capacity releases
there we are living under the dome of sky
there we are hoping to somehow find out why
why we survived through the countless probabilities
how we've realized our world of possibilities

with the force of the ocean
we're pulling it together
drawing ever closer to our core
with the weight of the mountains
we're holding it together
as density increases twentyfold

holding every feeling below the surface of your face
so it can't be seen
holding it together by the force of grace
so you can fall between

in the glow of the TV screens
I can almost see you
everyone's having a good time now
when the change comes you know there's never going back
when the daylight comes you're on the road back again


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