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Sunday, August 21, 2005


It has begun. The recording of my new album 'Washington State', that is. So far I've recorded music for three songs, 'Undaunted', 'Reach Up' and 'Cloud Cover'. Unfortunately I kind of lost my voice a little bit from a cold last week or else I'd be further along with the vocals. But it is great to be underway. 'Cloud Cover' is sounding pretty strong. My bass playing is a lot more aggressive so far than it was on 'Substrate'. 'Undaunted' is an exciting one, but is looking like it will be a tough one to mix. 'Reach Up' is the heaviest of the three with a pretty grinding kind of thing happening. My buddy Dole suggested I add an old tune of mine called 'Sink Like a Stone', which you can hear in the Archives links along the right side (#17) in an acoustic rock kind of format. Might be hard to recapture that ending (or I'll have to go get an eBow most likely).

So far I've done a pretty good job of mixing up the guitars. All the lead work is done on the Swamp Ash Special, the Singlecut and Les Paul is used for heavier rhythm and the Gold EG is used for some super jangles on 'Cloud Cover'. I'm trying not to overdub the thing to death with guitars but that is a temptation I find hard to resist! In any event things are looking pretty good so far so stay tuned as I'll likely post the songs here for free download as soon as they're in good shape. I'm not going to try for perfection and I don't have some big overarching theme other than write good songs with emotional impact. So we'll see how I do!

Thanks for being here and in the meantime be sure to download my last album 'Substrate' along the right side...!


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