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Friday, August 26, 2005


when the darkness falls around you
and you can't see where you are
and swirling winds surround you
there's a shadow in your heart

when no one's making any difference
and no one's there to hear you call
it doesn't matter what the reason is
when you're past the edge you know you'll fall

it's the time for your revival
it's the time to hold your ground
it's the key to your survival
to hold tight to the peace you've found

when all you're hearing are the echoes
laughing in the faded past
you're left dreaming of the yesterdays
you always hoped would last
your aching heart can't bear to beat
can't see no light, can't feel no heat

there's no other way
there's no other way

cast your hopes and dreams into a grain of sand
that's soaking in the sunlight on the beach
when the tide comes in, the waves are crashing down
they'll pull you in their wake
and all the dreams you make
will find momentum now
when you surrender to the world somehow

there can always be a moment
to decide you're gonna stop
and realize that you're living
in the world of what is not


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