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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Step Up the Stairs

don't think so much
just do what you need to do
don't hurt so much
about the things that you been through

don't care so much
these things don't define you
just raise on up
and leave the pain all behind you

you can stare up the steps
you can step up the stairs
you can dream about the distance
or move yourself to there
below the surface tension
and behind your tired eyes
the truth about existence
is bigger than life-size

don't ask so much
from the world that's outside you
don't look so much
back to the trails behind you

don't burn so much
too many holes in the ceiling
just give on up
to the flow of your feeling

just keep moving
don't you ever stop
just keep driving
through the teardrops
the only thing you need to do
is realize what you can do
to keep rising up
don't you ever stop


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