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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Some Reviews

'No Division' reviews on

Erin: Ben, this is wonderful. You’re a fantastic musician. Lots of passion in your song writing. Awesome job!

Raj: Ben, awesome !! This is amazing!!

You have a lot of talent and I am sure that this talent will take you to far off places !!

Dru: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I thought the entry was fantastic, but I never imagined someone would write a song about it. “No Division” is fantastic! God bless you.

With immense thanks,

Elaine: LOL, when I first saw this, I was a little dubious… but this truly is wonderful. Ben, you certainly are talented! And it’s nice to hear a song with meaningful lyrics.

Rob Mallory: Another excellent tune Ben.
I encourage everyone to check out all of Ben’s work. Hopefully an up and coming.

'Cloud Cover' reviews on (my handle is 'Gen McWild')

Hammer of Thor: Nice job! I hear a definate Rush influence.

CavesOfIceman: Good work, Gen'ral. Impressive production, passion.
Where's my guitar solo? I ordered a guitar solo!

Just kidding. Liked the break. Good structure.

WiseWiseEdd: Dreamline anyone?
like it... like the others... really like Only the Earth

PPGWave: I like it, Gen! Sounds like you had Alex come over and record the guitar tracks. Nice Work, PPG

Dave G: Good one, Ben. Nice job!

THE Rushgirl: Total RUSH influence. GMcW - that RAWWWKS!!!!!!!!!
Awesome, thanks for sharing with us first!!!

Toothpick2112: awesome song that rock

Oak: Nice job.

Greg: Dreamline called.... hehe. Phantom fear! Good stuff, Gen!
Jamming to it right now...

CygnusGodofBalance: enjoyed it thoroughly

Testing4Vapor: Very solid. I like it a lot. As others have said, it reminds me a lot of Dreamline too. Kind of an inverted sound. Is the whole album available, or is just the first single you have done. I would love a copy of it. By the way, the final chord is totally Rush.

Rush in ColaSC: Very good tune, I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing it with us.

SpaceGhost2112: Hey Gen. I listened to your new tune and some of your older ones. Pretty good stuff! I have a couple questions for ya:

1)Are you playing every instrument yourself?
2)On some songs it sounds like there is some kind of effect on the vocals. Your vocals sound a bit shaky sometimes. My question is: did you sing it that way intentionally, or was that some kinda effect you put on it?
3)You ever heard of a group called: "Paradigm Blue"? Cuz you sound a little bit like their singer.
I actually wish I could find more info on this group. I got their first CD, which sadly turned out to be their ONLY CD.

Anyways, way to rock out brother!!!

Cygnus434: it's Rush Lite! lol. Good job Ben...I enjoyed New Neural Substrate a lot as well. Going to have to give it a spin again.

jsantab428: Good stuff. I listened to it 3 times now, I like it.

YtseRob2112: Love it as usual Ben. This is going to be a top notch album, I can already tell!

JaiRush: I like it! Very nice, Gen!

JohnGalt: Not bad dude!!! I really like the change, you know the one at the end. Beef of them drums a little bit and you've got yourself an asskicker. The last part really has the potential to get heavy, explore that potential. Don't be afraid to destroy the souls of the innocent with pure sonic aggression.

ThreeEyes: Nice work, Gen. Yes there's some serious Alex influence in there! The verse arpeggios remind me of DEW ['Distant Early Warning' from Rush's 1984 album 'Grace Under Pressure'] in a very positive way and that very last section is exremely Hemispheres-esqe. That little solo screams Alex's jagged, abstract period. I'm not hearing the kick drum too well and the vocals sound a bit muddy in the mix. Do you record with a condensor mic and a preamp? Good work as usual.

Constant Change: That was very sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet to my listening ears G_M.


Anonymous rinku said...

Hello, I found this site through Steve Pavlina's. I very much liked No Division so went looking for more.

I have a request: could you make a post with all of the lyrics of these songs? (Or if you have something like that, link me to it?) I'm on a modem and don't want to just download them all (it'd take days), and if I could read the lyrics ahead of time I'd be able to download the ones which seem interesting.

11:37 PM

Blogger Ben said...

Hi Rinku,

here's a post with the lyrics to the "New Neural Substrate" album:

Haven't printed up the lyrics to the Archives album but that's something I hope to do sometime. My favorites there are "Ray Wave", "Something to Revolve Around", "Former Master", "The Noise of You".

Glad to hear that you like "No Division". I'm working on a new one that I'm pretty excited for. My favorite tunes are the ones I'm doing now for "Washington State" that are at the top of the page -- I'm getting a sound quality that is pretty nice and there's a directness to the music and lyrics that is working for I'd start at the top!

Thanks for coming by and for your feedback!


9:19 AM


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