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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Work in Progress

Since my last post on this blog, the hurricane came and devastated the entire Gulf coast. That has been just completely astonishing. My heart goes out to everybody that is affected by this tragedy. Several days of being pinned to cable news ensued. So much suffering, and the total obliteration of an entire region. Hard to really fathom.

Anyway, in my own little world, I've been continuing to work on some new music. Got music for the song 'Step Up the Stairs', clocking in at over 6 minutes. So the tunes keep getting looonger. Tried to record a guitar solo for this one about 800 times but something about it was just not happening. I've been joking (only partially) that this one has a little bit of Eddie Money's 'Take Me Home Tonight' in it, so I apologize in advance...although I think Eddie probably made some good Money from that tune which would be a first for me to be sure.

Expect further updates in the near future on this tune.


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