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Monday, October 03, 2005

Reset the Clock

When I let go of the things I think I need
I see them falling in the wind and rain
But when I awaken to the morning
I'm in the grip of time again

It’s so easy to know what’s coming
It’s so easy to hit fast forward
And experience nothing real
And experience only imagining

Open up to the sun and the clouds
Open up to the spinning world around
When I'm closed down, and I'm crowded out
I've forgotten what my life’s about

When it goes down, and I'm all alone
I hear your voice, it's calling me back home

Reset the clock to morning
Reset my chances again
And the light that's flooding through the clouds
Is frozen in the wind and the rain

I just want this all to mean something
I just want to find a way to be real
And not be spending days in life
Afraid to know how I feel

Everytime I feel like I've got nothing left
Everything around me starts to feel compressed
Time and space just swirl around me endlessly
Without your love I'd never know where I should be

Open up to the sun and the clouds
Open up to the spinning world around
Open up to the shattering sky
As the red tailed hawk begins to cry
It's a promise that I make
To find the center of the lake
Where the water will renew me
And the energy flows through me

And the meaning in my life
Is to find the meaning in my life


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