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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A Chance for Me to Stay

you won't believe me when I tell you
how hard it's been to say
and the speed that the world keeps spinning
is increasing everyday

everytime I remember how it used to feel
I can feel the distance in the time
it seems remote to me, the sun's absorbed my energy
I don't think that I used to see that way

dreamtime, wide awake, I am the sum of the risks I take
it's all the way down, where I have to go
meantime it's the world I make, when I don't hesitate
I think there's a chance for me to stay

looking out at the world through a windshield
I can feel it turn to motion blur
everything's slowing down before me
and I think there's a chance for me this way

I can turn away from the life that I've known
and find a way to embrace the unknown
as every moment reveals itself to me
all I want is to feel your energy

beyond the threshold
beyond a point in time
beyond that one decision
is the dividing line


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