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Monday, January 02, 2006

Dreamtime, Wide Awake

Well I'm ushering in 2006 with a brand new song, 'A Chance for Me to Stay'.

I had been shooting for 12 songs for this new album but after getting this one ready, I kind of got the feeling that 10 songs is enough. Sometimes records are too long, and you can't get through the whole thing in one sitting. There's an important difference between leaving people wanting more and having them go 'agh, turn it off!'

So I'm going to think about the record as maybe, possibly complete. As it stands, the record is 10 songs, 51 minutes and 8 seconds long. About 30 seconds longer than 'Hold Your Fire' by Rush. So there's some value for you.

This song is I think one of the best things that I've done. It has a real sparseness that is nowhere in any of my other material. There's still some room for some extra guitars in the outro so I'm sure I'll find a way to overkill this one too.

But this version has a really special quality and I'm pretty stoked about it, even if I do hear the orchestra of guitars and keyboards building to a full on crescendo in the ending. Maybe later.

I did the drum take on this yesterday, and did the basses and guitars last night after everybody went to bed. Today I added the vocals and the acoustic guitars and the keyboards in the first chorus.

Talk about rapid development. So I think it's basically good to go. I think this is really a powerful song. To me, it's about how time can change people. And how you can find yourself in places and you can't even remember how you got there sometimes.

Sometimes the places that we find ourselves aren't where we hoped we would be. I'm reminded of a time when my mom wanted me to sing and play for some event she was having on her front lawn to promote her art exhibits. There were like 6 people there, most of them looking like they wished they were someplace else. I played through a pretty abbreviated set and was a little bit crushed by it -- the difference between where I was with my music and what I had dreamed of doing with it was so huge and inescapable. But it was pretty funny if you have an ironic sense of humor.

So, about this song -- it's all about having the ability to take chances and believe in your uniqueness: 'I am the sum of the risks I take.' And sometimes you have to go to a pretty dark place in order to find your real center.

But what this is really about is coming to terms with life as we know it and taking what the world gives us and just going forward with that. I think a bunch of the songs on this record are about that too.

So this one will be the closer and the running order could well be the order that I recorded the songs in. Kind of an interesting thing.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this one.


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