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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


It's rainy here in the Seattle area. I think it's rained everyday for a solid month up here. No surprise, eh?

It's been a pretty wild few months and things have never been better, or more real anyway.

Life with a rambunctious two-year-old boy, and another baby on the way is full. That's probably the best word to describe it. Exhausting would be another. But I'll just wait til that second one is out and about before I start thinking about how exhausted I am.

In any event...the record. Ten songs and fifty-one minutes long, feels pretty good. But as usual the idea of recording another song or two is more alluring than the prospect of sitting down and listening to what I've got a zillion times and trying to do really good mixes. Some of the songs are pretty close, some have a long ways to go. As usual, the tiny hitches and imperfections surface and stare me in the face. The good news is, most people probably won't notice.

But some songs sound pretty darn solid. I am warming up to 'Levitate' which had been kind of a tough one for me for some reason. 'Chain Reaction' is pretty close and 'Chance for Me to Stay' is probably the best tune of the bunch.

Of interest to me is that the songs pretty much become more and more 'three-piece band' in terms of the arrangements as the album progresses. Although 'Chain Reaction' has a fair bit of keyboards, I'm sure I could get the bass player to trigger them from his MIDI foot pedals or something. The earlier songs are super dense and layered with about a billion guitars and as it goes along, probably starting with 'Reset the Clock', I really dial back the number of instruments playing at once and the result is, a much easier song to mix, more atmosphere for each track, and for 'Chance', a pretty moody vibe that's new for me and just the tiniest bit reminiscent of American Music Club.

But, I can't escape from the Rush-ness of these songs. I suppose that where I can really add value for music lovers is in that gap between new Rush albums, (now averaging about 4 years!) I can provide Rush-like substance to fill that void. Almost. Anybody who knows Rush at all well can I'm sure hear the massive influence in my playing and arrangements, even if it's not as virtuosic as those guys.

I dunno. I guess that's always been my aesthetic of what good music sounds like. Nothing to apologize for. And it's not like I'm screeching like a banshee as in the glory days of Rush circa 2112 and Hemispheres. So that tempers that Rush edge a little bit.

So, I'm procrastinating a little bit from starting work on the mixes in earnest. It would be great to hand these songs off to somebody who's a wizard with SONAR and just say, 'make these songs great'. As it has been, though, it's up to me. I'm not too worried.

I think for my next album maybe I'll find a collaborator or something. Could be kind of fun.

Anyway, stay dry out there!


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