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Sunday, January 29, 2006

A Series of Pictures

soaking in the rain
I know I'll be here again
living life anew
with just a dream of who I am

when everything I wanted had fallen through my grip
when everything I hoped would last, I couldn't make it stick
when everything I needed had flowed away from me
all that's left is building back a vision to believe in

I can hear the howling wind
I can feel the tree roots strain
swallowed by the sky
beneath the watchful eye
reeling on a loop
a flash in front of me
fracturing the earth
repeated in rebirth

but I can't back down
from the chaos all around me
and I can't let go
of the vision that still guides me
at the focal point
of the dream of all existence
will you be right there
or carried in the distance

in a series of pictures
running at the speed of light
when you freeze all the motion
is it too much for your eyes?


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