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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Fun Stuff

Spent some time today with 'Step Up the Stairs', mostly beefing up the low end of the drum part, upping the bass a hair, bringing down the guitars in the first halves of the choruses, and adding a fade out(!). Yep, this one started to feel a little ponderous as it kept going and going. So a little fade out never killed anyone -- plus it'll be the only one on the record (unless I fade out 'No Division' too...)

Also, a tweak to the running order:

1. Reset the Clock
2. In a Dream State
3. Cloud Cover
4. Through the Chain Reaction
5. Step Up the Stairs
6. Sandcast
7. No Division
8. Levitate
9. Reach Up
10. A Chance for Me to Stay

This way the fade from 'Stairs' goes right into the trippy intro of 'Sandcast'. Heh heh. All part of my master plan.


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