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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hi There

Hey everybody,

how's it going out there in internet land. I've been taking a little break from working on the record, and have found a new obsession: Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance for Xbox. So I'm hacking and slashing through dungeons filled with orcs rather than hacking and slashing my way through the mixes of the album.

Indeed some of the songs are basically done. I'm starting to hear some melodies and chords for new songs so I better get this record finished quick so I can start work on the eagerly awaited sequel.

Drop a line, hope you're all doing good.


Anonymous Matt said...

Hey Ben,

What is your general feelings about the various consoles that are available or going to be available (PS3)? What's the best one out there? What are the best games around? Are there HD games out yet?

Just wondering because I've been mulling over potential gaming.

BTW, loved the Rush photos. That guy did a pretty great job considering his lack of experience. Great color.

9:09 PM


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