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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Interesting Statistics

I just stumbled (finally) on a way to track how many songs people are downloading from this blog.

Here's some interesting information. I guess 'Engines' is a's gotten more than 500% as many downloads as any of my other songs.

2006 Year-to-Date Song Downloads (Top 15):

Engines of Creation: 583
Fortune Cookie: 117
Levitate: 112
No Division: 105
Step Up the Stairs: 101
Memories Will Disappear: 99
Escape Velocity: 75
Cloud Cover: 72
Elevations: 71
Memory Man: 67
A Chance For Me to Stay: 61
Buried Treasure: 61
Sunspots: 61
Sandcast: 55
Through the Chain Reaction: 55


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