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Friday, April 14, 2006

Mixing for Dummies

Working on some mixes tonight.

'Reset the Clock' is sounding really good. Going to see if I can call some of these tunes finished over this weekend and then head into the mastering phase. Thinking if I start on another new song I'll just never finish the record (kind of like what happened to 'New Neural Substrate', my last record). Since my 2006 goal is to actually finish this record and, you know, package it, I'm gonna have to stop at 10 songs, and 50 minutes of music. A couple of those minutes are just giant chords ringing out at the end of tunes but those are some of my favorite moments anyway...

Stay tuned for 'finished' versions of the songs...but I sure hope you'll buy the record anyway to get the awesome liner notes that I absolutely have no idea how to create.


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