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Monday, June 05, 2006


Here's a review of "Washington State" from Rob Mallory Sr, author of The Lair of The Rob and one of the guys who writes YTSEReviews. Thanks Rob!

Album of 2006 Contender

I was just sent a copy of the second Ben Averch album 'Washington State' by Ben himself. I have had the extreme pleasure to hear these songs in their writing stages, and while I was impressed with them at each turn the finished product is incredible.

This time around Ben has crafted ten songs about his home state of Washington, and there is not a dull song on the disc. There are some very Rush like moments ("Cloud Cover", "Reset the Clock"). In a perfect world I would see this thing rushing up the Billboard charts. The music is fresh, inventive, and destined to be a classic, and is already a contender for album of 2006 for me.


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