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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

"Washington State" on

"Washington State" on

By Roger "Red" Byrne
Freelancers United, Inc.

Definitely among the year's most ambitious independent releases is this 10-track project from Ben Averch (

Drawing upon both the molten metal of early '90s grunge in Seattle and the futurist, high-I.Q. progressive rock of Rush and Yes, Averch raises the bar for today's modern rock bands. The only difference is that Averch doesn't have a group. Each note on "Washington State" was played by Averch himself. If you didn't know that, it's doubtful that you would've figured it out as Averch has exceptional skills.

Much has been written about Rush being a super-powered trio, but what can you say about a solo act such as Averch, who can minimize Pearl Jam's amp wallop on "Reset the Clock" without any additional player? Averch must be an octopus, each tentacle having mastered every instrument, from guitar to drums to Moog synthesizer to bass.

This is a truly impressive effort, produced with muscle and smarts.


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