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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

You Can Only Feel

You Can Only Feel (mp3)

sometimes in the daylight
I can see everything
the tops of the trees
concentric rings

underneath the static
I can feel the transformation

sometimes in the shadows
I can't feel anything
the void of the sky
the emptiness so full of life

underneath the tension
I can feel my soul escaping

you can only feel
what you let yourself feel
you can only see
what you want to believe

sometimes in the starlight
I can feel gravity
the pull of distant planets
is as heavy as the earth

underneath the motion
is the stillness of creation

it's a wide-eyed stare
it's the life you dare
it's overstimulation
it's the driving force
ultraviolet source
it's solar radiation


Blogger Rob Mallory Sr. said...

Love the new tune! It's a bit different but I really like it. Excellent lyrics as well.

5:07 AM


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