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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Two Places at Once

Two Places at Once (mp3)

I'm here but I'm not really here
The wind blows through me like a ghost
All that I can think about
Is where I want to be the most

In between two worlds at once
Falling through an endless void
One side, the life we know
The other, truth I can't avoid

Two places at once, I'm falling between
Two places at once

When you see me standing near
I might as well be gone
Cos I can't even see your face
Or hear the words of your song

I don't have a blueprint
I don't have a map
I don't have a way to spring the trap

It's worse than a heartbreak
When it's only in your mind
Drunk on imagination
Leaves nothing to find
And then comes the daybreak
Same place, same time
Light floods in memories
That won't leave me behind


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