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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ben Averch Has Unleashed His Second Solo Album 'Start At The Beginning' @ - 40 Top 20 & Top 40 Music Charts from 25 Countries

Ben Averch Has Unleashed His Second Solo Album 'Start At The Beginning' @ - 40 Top 20 & Top 40 Music Charts from 25 Countries

Seattle, WA. (Top40 Charts/ Automatic Earth) - Seattle area transplant (via Boston) Ben Averch has unleashed his second solo album, 'Start At The Beginning' through his own Automatic Earth label,featuring standout tracks including the crushing rocker "It Ain't Me" and the epic, atmospheric "The Source of Love".
Having been called a "one man symphony of prog rock", Averch is an accomplished bassist, guitarist, vocalist, keyboardist, songwriter, producer and engineer and utilizes all of those talents throughout every second of his sophomore effort.
"It's really satisfying to create a big, arena rock feel by playing each part myself. This approach allows me to lock in to some subtle nuances of each instrument and realize the vision I have for each song," said Averch.

The fifteen song opus reflects Ben's influences which range from electronica to intricate prog rock and acoustic singer/songwriter styled ballads. "Growing up, I formed a lifelong love of progressive rock, most notably Rush and Yes," continued Averch. "When I heard some of the electronic music of the 90s, I always thought that a combination of prog rock with electronica would be something exciting. So, this record has both prog rock songs and electronic drum loop based songs with heavier, fuzzier guitar textures. There's also a strong acoustic undercurrent to the album, which represents my time as a busker in Boston."

During the mid-90s, Averch cut his performing teeth touring across the country with the hard rock act Bison, and made his living delivering high-energy, arena-style acoustic hard rock in Harvard Square, Cambridge as one of Boston's premier street musicians. This period was marked by his recognition from Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder, who gave Averch a $50 tip in exchange for a Bison demo tape. "It was really exciting to know that Eddie appreciated what I was putting out there. It's cool to think our demo tape got some air time in the Pearl Jam tour bus," concluded Averch.

With 'Start At The Beginning', Ben Averch has delivered an album that speaks to people from every walk of life as well as many genre specific music fans - all in a timeframe of 62 minutes. For more information on Ben Averch, and to stream the entire album, visit


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