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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Looking down on the world from your airspace

So, here's a brand new song called "In the Valley".

I'm excited by this one -- I've written a lot of songs with this general motif of bright, crunchy, melodic power rock and this one feels like it really comes together.

A couple points of inspiration -- puts up suggested titles every week, and then people record songs with those titles and they have a competition. (I've participated in one Songfight to date, called 'Sunny Again' from I think five years ago.) They often have really goofy titles that I couldn't do anything with, but a few weeks ago, they had the title 'In the Valley' and I thought that would be very cool to try. Well, I wasn't able to get the song done in five days, but it's been brought to a pretty full state now and that gets me psyched.

My wife rented this movie called "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" about this guy who writes a whole book by using just one eyelid to blink the letters of each word. It was an amazing movie, and I guess you can actually buy this guy's book. Well, there's one scene where he starts talking about the experience of dying and he describes leaving the memories of life on the shoreline as he floats out into the unknown realm. I thought that was a really moving image and so here it is in this rock song!

Musically, this has some fun elements. Big, bright guitars throughout, a bridge with a nice vocal harmony, into an instrumental break with apreggiated synth chords laying the foundation for a moody solo that seems to elevate nicely (to me, this is reminiscent of the solo from my song 'A Chance for Me to Stay').

Anyway, have at this one...this brings me to four new "Work in Progress" songs since "Start" was completed, six new ones total counting the Ben & Mike Averch songs. Thanks for listening, please let me know what you think!



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