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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Start at the Beginning" on CD Baby!

At long last, my new record is finally available to the public through CD Baby! It's been a long road -- "Start at the Beginning" was started back in May of 2006, right after I finished "Washington State".

I started off on this new adventure with a trio of drum-loop based songs, "Pure Energy", "The Source of Love" and "You Can Only Feel". These satisfied two needs for me; to enter into some new sonic territory, and to be able to write and record without starting with a perfect drum performance as the basis for the songs. It was really satisfying to be able to just lay down a rhythm (a robotically precise, perfect rhythm, no less) and then play with arrangements, sounds, etc. It was a new experience to play bass lines along to a drum loop and not have to worry about any 'anomalies'! These songs took some time to come together, and as it evolved, "You Can Only Feel" benefitted a lot from some arrangement ideas from my brother Mike.

I then started to work on songs in my traditional writing/recording approach, where I'll write the song on acoustic, figure out the arrangement and then take a hack at the drum part, and then build up the song from there. I did a big chunk of the record in a few weeks including "Hope Anchor", "Start at the Beginning", "It Ain't Me", "The Nothing Shines Through" and "Two Places at Once".

During this process, I would spend my driving time going through mixes of the songs, listening for places to put more guitars, more vocals, and try to do the most I can with the songs given that the arrangements are pretty well locked down by virtue of having the drum tracks complete. So, a lot of time was spent driving around, listening to rough mixes, and kind of hearing the songs as I wanted to hear them.

In March of this year, I visited my Dad, brother Mike, and childhood friend Dave down for some skiing in Taos, NM. I took advantage of this opportunity to run some mixes that I thought were almost there by these guys, who all provided good insights into how to make the songs better -- probably the most notable of this advice was to drop the bass out of the first half of "Nothing Shines Through", which gives the song a lot more momentum.

These are the kinds of pointers and ideas that are so valuable for a guy who writes and records everything himself; an objective ear of a bandmate or a producer isn't available, so you lean on friends and family to listen to the rough mixes and offer their advice when they can give it.

In April, I took the mixes to John McCaig at panicStudios in West Seattle, who again did a great job mastering this record (he also did "WA State"), and encouraged me to turn up the guitar solos (which I did and I'm thankful for it)!

Of the finished record, I will admit that there is no objectivity after all this time working on it. So I'll leave it to the listeners to experience -- but I will share some of my favorite moments with you: the verse wallop in "Creative Destruction", the guitar solo in "Start at the Beginning" (of this lead, my brother commented, "this is like your 'Limelight'" -- the highest praise!), the ending jams in "It Ain't Me", and "The Nothing Shines Through", and what I think is a faithful version of one of my favorite songs, "Western Sky" by American Music Club.

So, here it is, at long last. Now I turn my attention to my third record, as yet untitled, already five songs deep! These songs are so far, shorter, brighter and (with one exception) a little lighter in mood, but hopefully still hard rocking. But, let's not get ahead of myself...the world first needs to hear "Start" sure to let me know what you think!


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