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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ben Averch Announces Endorsement of Tonic Amps

Hi everyone,

It's my extraordinary pleasure to announce my endorsement of Tonic Amps, a boutique amplifier builder in the Bay Area of California, founded by mad tone scientist Darin Ellingson. Tonic Amps feature huge singing sustain, complex harmonics and crunch that positively rages and lilting, pure clean tones, giving me a huge variety of tone options in a single unit, without the need for channel switching.

Tonic is ramping production of a gorgeous new head called the "Vapour" that will altertnatively sing you the sweetest lullaby, and then just completely rip your face off. It's got the kind of timeless crunch that can never sound dated, bringing out the unique character of each guitar that runs through it.

In the weeks and months to come, I will be working closely with Tonic Amps as I complete the recording and production of my upcoming third solo record. You can expect a variety of audio and video clips that take you 'behind the scenes' of the recording process, and learn exactly how Tonic amps fulfill my lust for tone.

Check out this video of Tonic amplification in action with a PRS Custom 24 and stay tuned for more to come soon!



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