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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Valley of Your Heart

it was a long time coming
but you finally told me how it feels
to be left alone by no fault of your own
already half way down this road we're on

I know I've strayed so far away
from the place where you needed me to be
and I don't know how I can come back now
into the sacred place of your heart

tell me there's a way back to the valley of your heart
even as these waves are breaking our love right apart

I need you to know just how far I will go
to heal the pain of your loneliness
if there's a tiny thread of your love unshred
maybe that's where I can start again

to see you feeling so alone
so far away from the love that we had known
it's always been that your heart is wild and free
but now I know that your world is lost to me



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