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Sunday, February 15, 2009


Hey all, just wanted to hit you with a quick update. Last Thursday, I played an acoustic set at the Blaubak Gallery in Kirkland, WA. Check it out here.

Also, got another shot of inspiration from somewhere and have got another song percolating, this one titled 'It's Getting Away From Me'. So it's fun to be in the swim with new material. This one I think will go for a nice balance between acoustic and electric guitars (think 'Totem'), and has a straight-up Rick Springfield pop breakout in the bridge section -- so this should get interesting. I actually really like listening to Rick. One of these times, I'll get around to doing that covers album I've always wanted to do.

So, as I posted a few days ago, the 3rd album (I guess I'm not counting 'New Neural Substrate' as an album 'cos it was never really finished) is taking shape and while it partly feels like an extension of 'Start' (which was already extended, you say?) I think there's enough newness in the feels and textures and moods to justify the whole "not just staying in one place" notion.

It's been a long cold winter up here in WA state, and the idea of a nice warm spring sure is welcome...

So, the concert vids, and the new song (coming soon), the idea of a new record coming into view, these are all pretty fun and exciting. I probably need to overhaul the blog template and get into more fun stuff with web design, but for the moment, the focus is on music creatin' and updatin' stuff.

Thanks for listening!


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