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Monday, March 30, 2009

Love Me Anyway

It's not the sun that's setting
It's just that you are spinning away
From the way that you were sure to feel
From the sense that always kept you real

It's not a dream that's dying
It's just a world that's opening up
To a place you always feared to go
With a longing, desperate need to know

In the darkness, I can hear you say
That you always thought you'd love me anyway
No matter what this life throws our way
You say you always thought you'd love me anyway

It's not the life you're living
It's just the waiting to begin
Again and hope to see things new
Where all your past won't follow you

In a new incarnation
There's only joy for you to find
Towards a new day rising
Dreaming demons exorcised, it's all gone



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