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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

There's Only One Thing...

Well, here's a new one that I'm definitely excited about. In the tradition of "In a Dream State" from WA State, and "Hope Anchor" on Start at the Beginning, this is looking like it will be the 'epic' song for the new record. "You Know I Need You" seems to hit the balance of acoustic and electric guitars just right. Kind of bouncing between melodic, upbeat parts (fans of Rush's Presto album may recognize this beat) and heavy 'Hulk Smash' rock, then into a Sun Kil Moon-inspired 'folk breakdown'. There's a two-part guitar solo that starts in this section with an almost electric-violin sounding lead line, then waits through a brief breakdown before diving in with a full on 'Maggot Brain'-inspired wah solo. Then we conclude with a giant final chorus, and I'm debating on how to bring this UP a little bit so it doesn't get too samey going through it.

So, a lot of fun influences in play, coming together to do something new sounding that I'm pretty excited about.

Lyrically, this is as direct a love song as I've written (see lyrics in prior post), so hopefully this comes off well -- I will leave this for you to decide!

Like "The Hook" (another favorite of mine from this new batch of songs), this one is in DGDGCC tuning, capoed on the first fret. This tuning seems to bring out something in me, and I'm tempted to just keep banging at it. When I was working on 'Start', I started playing in DADGAD, and "Two Places at Once", "Start at the Beginning", and "The Nothing Shines Through" all wrote themselves in the next two or three days. That was really fun.

With this newest song, I'm at 8 songs for the new record, so about two-thirds of the way there. This record I think still needs some more power rockers as I seem to be generating a lot of acoustic-sounding stuff.

Anyway, tomrrow night I'll be at Studio 7 in Seattle, so stay tuned for some videos of the gig there. Hope all is well with you, thanks for listening!


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