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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Masters of the Universe

On Monday I had the privilege to work with Seattle's great mastering engineer John McCaig at panicStudios in Capitol Hill. John worked his magic on the "Fortune Cookie" tracks -- it was a thrill and relief to finally hand the project off and have another pair of ears and point of view to look at and listen to the record. Good news is that I pretty much had most things in a good place as far as the mixes and the running order go (minor changes to what had been reported before!), so we were able to spend most of the session pumping the tracks through the variety of switches, dials and mysterious computational gizmos that took all the tracks to the next level.

So there's just a little more work to do on the music itself, and then on to artwork and packaging. I’ve already got a pretty decent head start on the cover – a composite of a self portrait silhouette photograph and a map of the solar system. So it’s pretty exciting to be this close to the finish line on the project. Initial feedback has been strong and I’m feeling good that this is a cohesive, solid work.

Regarding some of the recent changes to the record, the new version of “One and the Same” I think turned out nicely – it’s kind of a slow burn, with an organic, almost Americana type of feel, but by the closing chorus finally fulfills its bombastic rock potential.

Maybe I’m almost there…!


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