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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Back for the Attack

I've been working on a new song at my good friend Ed Becker's studio. Ed runs Eltmon Productions and has produced some really terrific stuff by a bunch of musicians including Christopher Youngblood who, like your correspondent, is a play-all-the-instruments-himself guy.

It's great to be working on new material so soon after finishing "Fortune Cookie", and it's especially fun to work with Ed, who is bringing out a real hugeness to the track. It's the first time in a long time that I've recorded with a producer-who-is-not-myself and it's great to be challenged on some of my basic assumptions during the recording (such as the you-could-call-it-compulsive need to have 100s of guitar tracks). In fact, Ed even suggested that if I resist my tendency to layer and layer and overdub forever, that I may be able to get another record out in 3 months instead of my usual "18-24 month cadence."

So that has been food for thought for sure. In any case, the song has taken shape very quickly and I'm very hopeful it will turn out well. (Early returns are encouraging.) It's a welcome relief to simply write, play and sing and let someone else work on the computer! I'm not sure yet whether I'm doing a record, or just busting out a track here, but as always, the thrill of creating new stuff makes me super happy.

Hope to give y'all an update on this work really soon!


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