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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Start at the Beginning on CrossOver

Start at the Beginning on CrossOver - Network For Youth Culture

(Translated from German by Google!)

Ben Averch is from Seattle, has however not yet Nevermore Grunge something to do with with. However, Ben Averch has a certain musical individuality, which is worth to look closer to it. Music is a matter of taste, for sure, but regardless you have to "Start At The Beginning" extraordinary publication classified as. It is the second CD by Ben Averch and he has recorded all the instruments himself. At first I tended more to the singer / songwriter-drawer to put the whole thing, but ultimately it would be wrong. OK, Ben sings and writes the songs, but here also lies more in it yet. Ultimately, I unabashedly titling the whole time with all kind of rock, finally narrowed the music not so much. The music conveys all the time a pleasant Achtzigerflair (sometimes we slip into the seventies), though this whole thing as no one should dismiss as stale. The mix of rock and electronic pop reminiscent in places of OMD, only then prog giants of Rush in the mind's eye to appear that the short order, turn classical melodies to place clear which already bands like Cheap Trick and Kansas did celebrate. All songs are very catchy, the choruses and the vocals never seem cluttered very harmonious and somehow reassuring. Ben Averch is a great combination of rock and pop success. Ultimately, the perfect soundtrack to smile over it to see if the TV is just exploding onto brand-new sofa or the cat has puked. Hey, peace!


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