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Friday, May 07, 2010

New Interview on

Hi all,

Here is an in depth interview I did with Ben Sommer of that covers a whole lot of ground, including my early musical upbringing, the process of creating material on my own, the "Fortune Cookie" record, the influence of Rush on my music, Eddie Vedder and the Harvard Square busking experience and much more...enjoy!

Ben Averch on
My guest today is the first unsolicited interviewee for Ben Averch – a one-man progressive rock band from Seattle – contacted me directly at this website with an offer to talk. I’m glad he did because – not only is his music great – but he’s an avid, long-time Rush fan, with great stories to boot. Its quite rare to find a fellow musician who – like me – writes, performs and records his own music – and doesn’t SUCK! On the contrary, his music is not at all simple Rush “similac” or directly derivative from any other classic prog rock band, but are personal statements, with great arrangement, production, and musicianship. His songs have grown on me – they’re in my iPod – I suggest they get in yours.



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