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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fortune Cookie on The CD Reviewer

Fortune Cookie on The CD Reviewer
By C.W. Ross

Seattle singer songwriter Ben Averch likes to stretch the genres boundaries adding in elements of both modern, and Indie Rock via thick drum parts and electric guitar solos that are found on the songs that make up his latest release, ‘Fortune Cookie’. Averch is also pretty much a one-man band playing, drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, loops and handling the vocals.

Averch’s MySpace page list his musical influences as, Rush, Jawbox, Yes, Swervedriver, Sugar, Urge Overkill, Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, Alex Lifeson, American Music Club, Kings X, Bob Mould, Husker Du, Jayhawks, Channels, Burning Airlines and John Coltrane.

Ben Averch waste no time getting the music flowing in the right way with the track, “Love Me Anyway” that mixes pop and rock together to achieve its style. Like just about all of the other songs found on this release the song’s lyrics deal with love and relationship issues.

You’ll find both ends of love dealt with in the songs from betrayal like found on, “You Won’t Be Owing Me”, to the true love found track, “Something to Revolve Around”.

On the track, “The Hook”, Averch brings some electronic elements to the music via its loops. You’ll also find a nice rocking guitar solo part on it. I’ve read that this is also one of Averch’s favorite tracks on the CD.

Besides on “The Hook” you’ll also find several other nice guitar solos found in the other songs.

The shortest track, (1:23 running time) is the instrumental, “Moment of Peace” that acts like a, ‘musical sherbet’ cleansing track that will refresh your musical palette.

The last track that I want to mention is, “Something to Revolve Around”. Probably the most upbeat track, lyrically speaking, it deals with finding true love and features a mixture of keys and guitar parts.

With ‘Fortune Cookie’, Averch shows that music doesn’t have to fit into a small musical box. Because it’s when those style genre boundaries are stretched that the real magic starts to happen.


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