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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Fortune Cookie on Sea of Tranquility

Fortune Cookie on Sea of Tranquility

One man band Ben Averch has built a reputation for blending the Modern Rock sounds of the 80's with Alt Rock style of the 90's and third album Fortune Cookie finds him continuing in much the same vein. Taking his cue from the Bob Mould fronted Sugar, Averch also weaves some classic prog rock influences into his work, notably on the Rush-tinged opener "Love Me Anyway". Mournful vocals and melodies that twist and turn are much in evidence across the hypnotic loop of "The Hook" and angst filled "It's Getting Away From Me". The contrast between acoustic strumming and electric riffs contributes to the brooding atmosphere throughout with the mood lightened by the arena rockers "One and The Same" and "Something to Revolve Around", either of which would not have sounded out of place on anything by the Foo Fighters. Another track worth highlighting is "Landfall" which finds Averch at seemingly his lowest ebb lyrically but also demonstrates his ability as a drummer of note with some solid rhythms.

...Averch is an unquestionable talent and has clearly devoted his heart and soul into his work and is well worth investigating.


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